10 Home Design Ideas For Your New Home

A bungalow is an independent house that can be designed in various house styles and, if you are looking for a design for your new home, then look no further; You are on the right portal!

From mid-century influences to amazing avant-garde house styles, from home designs inspired by the beautiful region of Scandinavia to the warm and humid lands of Spain, this blog features home designs from around the world.

10 Home Design Ideas You'll Love

Read on to know about amazing new home designs around the world:

Modern Home Design

Modern Home Design

A modern home design with heavy use of stone and glass in the exteriors. With modern home and bungalow designs move away from exterior embellishments on the exterior of the home; Now we live in clean, symmetrical, and stunning designs.

The modern new home design uses a lot of clean lines, like the image above, and uses a variety of materials. A beautiful mix of natural and concrete, home designs like these play with your senses and present themselves as places that you cannot help falling in love with!

The house in the image above uses expensive stone, a wooden frame, glass windows and doors, and a metal parapet. Together, these elements blend beautifully with the beauty of the green lawn, which houses a small fountain.

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Chicago House Design

A luxurious Chicago-style house design with red brick walls and a staircase leading to the courtyard. Modest family home, the Chicago home design is simple, practical, and good-looking. The exterior of this type of bungalow mainly consists of brick walls, and we always have some stairs leading up to the porch and the main entrance, as in the image above. A rectangular bungalow design, Chicago-style homes feature unique interiors. Usually in these houses, the kitchen is in one part of the house and the sleeping part is in the other part. Spacious basements and an attic are a part of these plans, and you’ll always find patios facing the street for the family to spend evenings out. Other elements common to Chicago bungalow house design are multi-paned doors, decorated roof tiles, wood and ceramic tiles on the inside, and a brick façade. Chicago House Design

Mid-Century Modern Home Design

A stone walkway in the middle of a green lawn leads to a mid-century modern house design. A classic mid-century modern home has everything that not only takes care of your comfort but is also pleasing to the eye. This type of house design draws inspiration from design plans from the mid-20th century, and many aspects of them still work wonders today. As seen in the image above, clean, structured, and minimalistic lines are combined with an asymmetrical roofline, and a freshly manicured lawn rests on either side of a stone walkway—these aspects give this home a central feel. -help define the look of the turn-of-the-century modern home design. Adding to the aesthetic are the wide windows that double as walls and the outdoor area blends flawlessly with other fixtures like potted plants and stones. Take the mid-century modern bungalow design up a notch, and add some porch seats and a fence around your property. A water fountain installation also works well. Mid-Century Modern Home Design

Modern Scandinavian Castle Home Design

Black Beauty – A black castle home design with a huge front yard inspired by Scandinavian architecture. While most people might argue that the design of mid-century modern castles matches the house design of modern Scandinavian castles, there is a great difference between the approaches and guidelines. The Scandinavian castle prides itself on the spectacular use of presence and brings out the best in location.

The charm of minimalist accommodation blends with those relegated to a Scandinavian House. Tailored mid-century designs also find their place in Scandinavian homes, like the one in the image above. And, you can see that homes in the coldest parts of the world use individual small exteriors to trap heat.

No wonder residents want to bring the outside in. And they are trying to create this illusion with the help of large curtains and door frames with glass.

Modern Scandinavian House Design

Georgian House Design

Georgian house design with a large lawn for family relaxing. No two words describe a Georgian home design better than balanced and strong. These houses are noted for their austere symmetry and door and window placement. Most are made of stone, brick, and stucco with high ceilings – they are easy to recognize and comfortable to live in. As you can see in the image above, there is symmetry in the form of the house – from the structure to the doors, windows, shutters, and columns. The entrance to this bungalow and house design is embellished with a stucco arch. The house itself is a classic two-and-a-half story.
Georgian House Design

New House Design for Uphill Plot

A bungalow house design built on a sloping plot – a great design for a complex piece of land. When you think of new house designs for an uphill plot, you need to be very strategic in your approach. Since the flatness of the land is difficult, design and planning must take into account the existing slope.

One of the best ways to use this kind of land is as shown in the above image. If your plot has a small mount, it is advisable to build the house on top of the mount, and the front entrance of the house is accessed via a ladder.

One side slope can be used to convert into a garage, the roof of which can make for an extended balcony on the ground floor. On the other hand, you can use the slope as a green patch to improve the overall ambiance of the place.

New House Design

Exposed Brick House Design

An avant-garde, sustainable house design with exposed bricks and a concrete exterior. Designing a sustainable house using earth-friendly materials is the need of the hour. One such home is featured in the image above, this new home design made using exposed brick walls, concrete finishes, and patterned lattice work is all that and a lot more.

A testament to design spirit as well as concern for the future, this home has a character of its own. If you look closely, each floor of the house is slightly smaller than the floor below. This designed sense gives the house a patterned look and does not make it look like a straight monolith structure.

The roof is inspired by the vernacular and is made of clay tiles, and the exposed brick at the front matches the path leading to the main entrance of the house. Another striking feature of this design is the outer mesh wall which cuts the bright sunlight and allows it only in the gorgeous geometric motifs.

Exposed Brick House Design

Spanish-Style Home Design

A beautiful Spanish-style home design with a white exterior and barrel roof tiles. The Spanish-style home design has certain distinctive features that are influenced by colonial architecture. These homes are eclectic and practical, with plain exteriors and a very non-flashy aesthetic.

The Spanish-style home design image above is a good example of this particular architecture. It has quintessential arches and curves, tall chimneys, and wooden supports and beams. And the thick, white plastered walls and barrel ceiling tiles play their part well in the overall aesthetic. The exteriors of these home designs are sturdy and are known to be cost-effective, hold up well to the natural elements and the owners spend minimally on maintenance and repairs.

Spanish Style Home Design

Arabic Modern House Design

Arabic Modern House Design – The modern Arabic house clearly draws inspiration from ancient Arab homes and Islamic architecture – think tailored silhouettes and exquisite patterns. From the latticework on the exterior to the arched frame, you will see a lot of old-world influences in this design. And it comes together beautifully with the stucco work in vogue today.

The idea behind this stunning house design in the image above was to have an underlying vintage tone with a coat of modernity. The arches at the entrance, the intricate lattice work on it, the windows above, and the parapet are all influenced by traditional Arab designs. Plus, the striking white front and rectangular windows on the ground floor are all elements in vogue today. The black metal frame around the contemporary and arched windows is a welcome modern twist to the design of this Arabian house.

Arabic Modern House Design

Contemporary New House Design

A contemporary new house design from the streets of Delhi with an all-white exterior. Modern, exclusive, and stunning are the best words to describe the design of this home from the streets of Delhi. Conceptualized and designed home by Etre & Associates, an architecture and interior firm in the Indian capital, the house design is flowy and fluid in its exteriors and has an energizing and lived-in feel. As you can see from the image above, the exterior plays with a mostly monochromatic theme and is also cluttered with its unique front elevation. Each floor is clearly divided and has floor-to-ceiling glass façades that give the home a delicate and elegant look. Truly inspired by the harmony of music – all the floors of the house blend together, creating a home design that people can’t stop talking about.
Contemporary New House Design
Tips for house design according to Vastu

If you are planning to build a new house, here are some house plans according to Vastu
According to Vastu Shastra square or rectangular house design brings wealth and prosperity
– The master bedroom in the house should be in the southwest corner of the residence.
– The prayer room or worship house should not be under the staircase, as it is an insult to the deities.
South-east corner is the best place for a kitchen in home design.
– In the design of the new house, the stairs should be in the south or west part of the house.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bungalow

Take a look below at the important advantages and disadvantages of buying a bungalow:

Ease of Mobility

The bungalows ensure ease of mobility as there are no stairs in their design. Also, it is friendly for people with small children as it leaves you no chance of stairs related accidents.

Low Maintenance

Since the bungalows’ roofs are low to the ground, you get easy access for gutter cleaning and other repairs.

Lack of Privacy

The huge windows at ground level in bungalows can create privacy problems for the homeowners. You may need to plant foliage around the property to create privacy.

Limited Square Footage

Because of their smaller designs, bungalows are ideal for single-family homeowners. Large families and multiple roommates can pose challenges with the open floor plans in bungalows. Sometimes, homeowners need to carve out an additional living space on a front porch.

Summary of Bungalow House Design

Your home is your abode and it should be a reflection of the comfort of your living. So, your home design should be something that everyone talks about your home likes and preferences. Which of the above bungalow designs resonates with you the most? Which would you choose for your dream home? Tell us in the comments below.